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Special trip you can`t find in sightseeing guidebooks.

Tour Company for
Consummate Traveller

(Specially Koyasan-Area & Wakayama Prefecture)

Wakayama Tabito Kikaku covers local information closely.
We can offer you very original tours that you can enjoy recommendable places and local gourmet.
Besides, we can offer you taxi and bus tour which you can enjoy the trip at ease and gracefully.
Please feel free to contact us both you want to trip by small group and large party.
If you want to have a gourmet exploration, the tour both you can experience training and sightseeing, you can make it possible, too.

Very special trip in holy place in the sky, Koyasan, and around the area.

Our guests say, “We want to come again!” “We hope we can join other tours next time!”We hope you can enjoy our tours that have many repeat guests.

Our highly experienced concierge takes you to special places by using our cozy taxi, so you can enjoy deeply and at ease.
We will take you to not only Wakayama, but also commonly unknown places in Kii Peninsula.
We have so many attractive tours that you can feel purity of sacred places, and you can enjoy tourist attraction,
chill out in the nature, experience the history and culture and so on.
Let`s make your trip very original and special!